• Leather Comparison

Leather Comparison

KIP vs Steerhide



Buckler Sports baseball is specifically designed based on how the players can feel most comfortable when wearing gloves. We truly believe that with gloves that can really fit the player's hand with the most comfortable feeling and improves the fit of the gloves will result in maximum control of the glove and will definitely optimize the fielding performance. Our gloves are also created with a position-specific pattern designed to maximize performance. With each pattern specifically designed for every position on the field, every player can maximize their performance no matter what position they are playing.


Kip leather hide is from younger cattle, age from 6-12 months, producing a softer leather that is easier to break-in, and a very smooth grain touch feeling due to smaller hair hole than the steer hide. Compared to steer hide leather, Kip leather is smaller in size, ranging from 13 - 17 sq/f for a half-side. Kip leather is popular for being used on high-end gloves and is also suitable for junior, women, and adult gloves.






Steerhide is a bovine leather made from the hide of male cows aged 2yrs and over, known as steers. A readily available leather to most manufacturers, steer hide is consistent in grain and weight throughout the hide, and usually has a subtle gloss-sheen thanks to a combination of natural oils and resins used in the tanning process. The size of steer hide leather is ranging from 22-25 for a half-side